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Product Introduction

A patented piece of equipment for CVS’ proprietary technology.


The LN2 doser used in beverage mass production lines suppresses deterioration of the beverages by injecting liquid nitrogen into the containers and reducing the amount of dissolved oxygen in the upper part of cans and PETs.


The injected LN2 within the container is vaporized to prevent any dents that could be caused by an increase in internal pressure and to reduce the weight of the containers themselves.


Additionally, the internal pressure raised by vaporization increases the top load to prevent the products from any damage.


This LN2 doser can inject liquid nitrogen continuously or in bursts and maintain a high vacuum level by maintaining both a static vacuum and dynamic vacuum. In case the supply of liquid nitrogen is delayed during cycle time due to the cool down effect that occurs when the distance between the externally stored LN2 tank and the production line is far, a liquid nitrogen phase separator with the functions of a gas-liquid separator and LN2 storage tank is installed.


The liquid nitrogen phase separator releases gaseous nitrogen generated by the cool down effect from a vacuum pipe and stores it in the right quantity and supplies liquid nitrogen to a doser or a cooling unit.


The liquid nitrogen dosing systems produced by CVS, a Korean LN2 system provider, has been supplied to domestic companies such as Coca-Cola Korea, Dongwon F&B, OKF, Wooil Beverage, and Naturecell, being recognized for its excellent performance.

Product Introduction Video ∣ Liquid Nitrogen Doser

Product Features ∣ Liquid Nitrogen Doser

Characteristics of the CVS Liquid Nitrogen Doser

  1. Easy to switch between a state of constant injection of 2,000BPM and a burst injection of 600BPM.

  2. The doser injects the right amount of liquid nitrogen using the dual storage technique that consists of a primary and secondary storage tank, which allows for precise control over the container's internal pressure.

  3. The produced beverage product's internal pressure is uniform.

  4. The injection location can be easily adjusted with the regulation equipment that can change its position upwards, downwards, forwards and backwards.

  5. The doser can be installed in any space as it is provided in a variety of optimal conditions for any number of installation spaces.

  6. Thanks to the localization of the parts applied to the LN2 doser, the maintenance cost is low, and periodic inspections as well as prompt follow-ups are guaranteed.

  7. The doser can completely prevent nozzle icing  thanks to a nozzle heater or a nozzle made of cryogenic material.

  8. The phase separator produced by CVS, a Korean LN2 system provider, is composed of the primary and secondary storage tanks. The primary storage tank separates and externally discharges the gas generated when liquid nitrogen is transported from the vacuum pipe. The secondary storage tank stores liquid nitrogen and supplies pure liquid nitrogen to the doser. The primary and secondary storage tanks developed by CVS are produced with world class state-of-the-art technology.(Invention patent)

  9. Once a certain period of time has elapsed after completing the work, the phase separator supplies gaseous nitrogen automatically to the inside of the storage tank, maintaining a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure. This way, the optimal condition is always maintained for the storage tank with no external air being introduced to the inside.

Applicable Areas ∣ Liquid Nitrogen Doser

  • Prevention of dents and load increase by raising the internal pressure of the container.

  • Saving costs and the environment by reducing the thickness of the PET containers, thereby saving raw materials.

  • Suppression of beverage deterioration by removing the amount of dissolved oxygen.

Product Blueprint ∣ Liquid Nitrogen Doser

Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Systems

Product Specification ∣ Liquid Nitrogen Doser

Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Systems
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