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 CVS Introduction

CVS Vision

CVS has been in business since 2000 with the goal of becoming a leader in the field of liquid nitrogen (LN2).

회사 소개페이지-비전.png

CVS succeeded in the development and commercialization of the liquid nitrogen (LN2) doser for the first time in Korea, and are currently working towards innovation in the aluminum extrusion process by developing the world's first liquid nitrogen cooling system for extrusion molds.

In detail, CVS improved, resolved, and stabilized the problems of foreign LN2 dosers installed in the existing beverage automation line, and developed a more advanced machine.

Additionally, CVS are putting our best efforts into providing high-quality warranty services post installation.

The development of the world's first aluminum extrusion mold liquid nitrogen cooler boasts an improvement in the advancement of productivity when compared to the preexisting aluminum extrusion process that uses nitrogen gas.

With infinite possibilities for liquid nitrogen applications, CVS strives for improvement and in becoming a global company specializing in manufacturing of LN2 application systems.

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