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Product Introduction

LN2 Application System Development and Customization
(CVS M2100)

CVS conducts research and development of LN2 application system equipment that requires advanced technologies in cooperation with corporate research institutes.


CVS, a Korean LN2 system provider, has developing cryogenic gas based equipment for research, such as liquid nitrogen (LN2)/liquid oxygen (LO2) dosers, and LN2 coolers, in collaboration with other companies.

Development and Customization Features of Liquid Nitrogen Application Equipment

  1. In possessing Korea's finest technology within the field of liquid nitrogen, CVS designs, develops, and manufactures LN2 application system equipment in collaboration with individual research institutes.

  2. CVS are the only company in Korea with the technology to precisely inject liquid nitrogen at -196℃. CVS hold patents related to LN2 application equipment and develop various LN2 application equipment according to design conditions.

  3. With our proprietary technology in the LN2 field, CVS can design, develop, and manufacture an optimized LN2 application equipment for any situation.

  • HiteJinro

  • O2 Healthcare

  • LS Calbe & System Ltd.

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