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 CVS Introduction

Company Overview

CVS promises to become a world-class company through its tireless efforts in R&D and technological innovation.

As a global company specializing in liquid nitrogen application systems, CVS shall realize customer satisfaction and develop into a company that continues to grow based on excellent technology.


CVS is the Best LN2 Application System Provider in Korea


CVS has committed itself to developing machines for beverages and aluminum extrusion mold cooling systems with experience in developing various beverage-related equipment and technologies that require high vacuum insulation for extended periods of time.


CVS' LN2 doser for beverage producers is the first of its kind in Korea to have succeeded in localization.


CVS has developed an integrated system in which foreign products used in the existing beverage production lines as well as new facilities are replaceable.


Additionally, CVS strives to lead a new paradigm in the aluminum extrusion industry by developing the world's first LN2 cooling system for aluminum extrusion molds.

CVS will constantly strive in putting our best effort towards becoming a specialized company within the field of liquid nitrogen based on the best quality products and advanced technologies.

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